Eva Plaza

My friends, I'm reposting this publicly to remind everyone to give to John's campaign. I've known John since our college days and can assure you that he's the type of leader we need in the U.S. representing our voices during this time of upheaval and distress. He's already led at the national level at the Department of Justice and at HUD (as Assistant Secretary of Fair Housing). He was Dean of the University of California School of Law, and he's basically an all around great guy, extremely committed to Latino values and agenda.


Susan Fong

I hope all SF public school parents will vote for John Trasvina for School Board. We desperately need an independent-minded, no nonsense, questioning critical thinking type of decision-maker to stop the group-think gripping the school district. (I'm the third from the left in the above photo.) That is, we must stop the unproductive posturing of so many on the school board, and take action to address the most difficult challenges confronting the district: the Achievement Gap, Holding Back Capable Students to some theoretical Ideal, Providing Direct Supports (tutoring, wraparound services, mentoring, etc.) to Students. Anything else the school board members can dream up is just more political hogwash to distract us from the main job of public education. A mom to graduates of Lowell, Washington, and Balboa.


Leticia Miranda

I've known John Trasvina for a long time and always looked up to him and now he's running for School Board in SF. I met him when I was a summer intern in college and he had a real job on Capitol Hill fighting the good fight. I hope all my friends in SF will consider voting for him in the fall and supporting his campaign. Oh yeah, and he's an SF native for those who care.


Jennifer Chen

Thrilled to support my friend, mentor, and former boss John Trasvina with his candidacy for San Francisco's school board. The city couldn't have a more dedicated, compassionate voice who has championed for access for the underrepresented and marginalized in his years as a leader in public service and civil rights. I'd vote for John if I could, but am asking my SF friends to cast their votes and to tell their friends to elect someone who will make a difference in nurturing the next generation!


Albert Cheng

YES! You have my support. Finally, you loop back to your early roots. I still clearly remember you dedication on the SFUSD Advisory Board, when you were a teenager! The 1980s. WOW. So proud of all the work that you do. Thanks for always fighting for the rights of all people. Your pioneering work on recognizing Wong Kim Ark remains in our hearts forever. Kudos, Commissioner Trasvina.


Walter Brown Jr

I appreciated the insights my Alum John Trasviña shared with me about his portfolio as an Assistant Secretary (a Senate confirmed post) at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington DC in the Obama Administration.

I was happy to hear that John is running in the upcoming election for San Francisco School Board. He has an absolutely stellar background- (Community service history, Stanford & Harvard graduate, Dean of USF Law School, Lowell Alumni Association Presidency, etc.) the Board would be fortunate to get him.


John W Crittenden

I can think of no better person to serve on the San Francisco Board of Education than my friend and fellow native San Franciscan and graduate of Lowell High School, John Trasvina. John has had an outstanding career in service for our City and in the Clinton and Obama administrations and is one of the smartest and most thoughtful people I know. Please join me in supporting John's candidacy. You can find out more about him and donate to his campaign here.


Emil Guillermo

John Trasviña is a believer in our public schools as a cornerstone to democracy. He'd be good for SF and help change a dangerous trend---that we all should go to a voucher system because public schools are for losers. Just ask Trump's Betsy DeVos. John would help restore faith in public education.


Amy Kong

Hey guys, please be sure to vote for this well qualified San Francisco School Board member this November. John Trasvina is passionate about the community and are experienced in our school system. Mark this in your calendar NOW!! Let me know if you want to support him, we need your help to make this happen.


Phil Tajitsu Nash

Bravo! You are at the cutting edge as always. We who have steady jobs in academia need to do even more in the activist realm whenever possible. And your insights are sorely needed on all school boards! Buena suerte!


Jonathan M. Padilla

John is family. From serving in both the Obama and Clinton Administrations, to being the lawyer of record of the Mexican-American community when he headed MALDEF to now wrapping up as Dean of USF Law, there is no greater advocate.

If you live in SF, this is the guy you want fighting for your sons and daughters on the SF School Board.


George Raya

I just discovered that a long-time friend John Trasvina, is running for the San Francisco School Board! John's qualifications are OUTSTANDING!

*John Trasviña, a native San Franciscan and a product of Commodore Sloat Elementary, Aptos Jr. High, Lowell High, Harvard University and Stanford Law Schools.

*Dean of the University of San Francisco School of Law and Deputy City Attorney

*President Obama's Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity and President Clinton's special counsel for immigrant workplace rights at the US Department of Justice.

*John is President of the Lowell High Alumni Association and was President/General Counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF)

John F. Rothmann

I am delighted to endorse John Trasvina for the San Francisco Board of Education. He is superbly qualified, knows the School District and is committed to San Francisco and our students, teachers and administrators. John is the right person, running at the right time and will be an excellent member of the School Board.